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Not Just Another Car Wash

Car washes are as utilitarian as a business gets. You drive in, get your car washed, hope there’s no major damage, and leave.

But Westport Wash & Wax — the only car wash in town — is different. It’s won awards for environmental awareness, and the walls are filled with thank-you letters from local organizations that have benefited from its generosity.

hoNext Friday (June 22), Westport Wash & Wax continues a 12-year tradition of community service. Owners Scott and Craig Tiefenthaler will again donate 100% of their car wash revenues to Homes with Hope.

Bring all your cars in. It’s a win-win-win. You get spiffy vehicles; homeless Westporters get help.

And the Tiefenthalers get another in a long line of chances to serve the community they call home.