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Roman’s Job Hunt

Two years ago, a Westport family hosted a Ukrainian exchange student named Roman. They loved the experience — and him — and have kept in touch since.

Roman in Westport

Roman is now a rising sophomore, studying computer science at the university in his hometown (his parents are professors at the same school). He speaks fluent Ukrainian and Russian, and nearly fluent English and German. He loves cars — designing them, as well as working on them. He also enjoys biking, sight-seeing and Lego construction.

He has a J-1 visa, enabling him to work through September 1, but a couple of promised jobs did not come through. He’s now got 10 days to find another job — or leave the country.

The job can be anywhere in the US. His former Westport host family will help him find housing. He can drive, board at the job, take public transportation, or ride a bike. He’s willing to do just about anything, though his visa will not permit domestic help, nursing or chauffeuring.

If you’ve got any ideas for a job — or a room to rent — please email Roman — and his Westport friends — thank you in advance.