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WTF Is For Breakfast?!

You gotta hand it to the Wakeman Town Farm folks. They know how to make something as basic as a pancake breakfast sound special.

The promotional material for that 2nd annual event — next Sunday (October 14), 9 a.m. to noon — includes these suggestions:

Before the game, after worship, instead of the diner!

And this zinger:

You gotta eat breakfast, right? Bring the kids. Bring your mother-in-law. Bring the whole team!

Then again, when you realize the abbreviation for your name is “WTF,” you just have to go with the flow. Right?

(The pancake breakfast at the Town Farm — 134 Cross Highway — is sponsored by nearby  Christie’s Country Market. The cost is $8 for adults, $5 for kids, free for those 3 and under.)