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Westport Teens Dodge Cops

It’s every kid’s nightmare: getting attacked by cops.

And it’s every kid’s dream to attack back.

This Friday (December 14, 6 p.m.) in the Staples fieldhouse, anyone who wants to can fire away at Westport police officers.

They’ll do it with dodgeballs. Hey, that’s better than nothing.

The 2nd annual dodgeball tournament features mixed teams of officers and students. It’s part of several Westport Police-Youth Collaborative events, sponsored by the Westport Youth Commission. The idea is for young people and police to interact in a non-enforcement capacity. Other events include “Cop Shop” discussions and volleyball games.

“The officers who participated last year had a great time playing with the kids,” said youth detective Sereneti Dobson. “This is a great way for us to get to know kids we may not otherwise meet, and an opportunity for young people to see us as regular people out of uniform.”

The dodgeball tournament is not only a good idea — it benefits a great cause. All proceeds benefit Toys for Tots (a Westport Police Department favorite charity).  The event will benefit Toys for Tots.

Students form their own teams of 5 players ($20), or register individually ($5). The fee includes pizza.

A cop will be assigned to each team. Students can pre-register at Staples during lunch shifts, or they can call 203-341-1165 or email