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The Y Ship Has Sailed

For years — through the initial rumors, official announcements, legal proceedings, fundraising fits and starts, and everything else — a not-insignificant number of Westporters believed the Westport Y would never leave downtown.

First they doubted the Y was serious. Then they figured the Y would never get the necessary permits. Then they thought the Y would not win its lawsuits. Next they couldn’t imagine the Y would raise all the money it needed.

Finally, the fight is over. Preliminary work began this week on the new facility, at the Mahackeno site.

An official groundbreaking ceremony is set for next month.

After more than a decade, the Westport Y has prevailed.

And now Westport can move on to its next controversy.

Preliminary site work began this week on the Y's new facility, at the Mahackeno site near the Merritt Parkway.