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Teens Tag Drunk Driving

If you’ve been personally affected by drunk driving — or know someone who has been — you’ve probably told your story to close friends and relatives.

Now, you can share it with the entire Staples High School student body.

TAG works tirelessly to educate students about drunk driving.

The Teen Awareness Group (TAG) wants to interview anyone in Westport community about their experiences. The interviews will be used in a documentary that will be seen by all students during the 10th annual Grim Reaper Day. The event is held just before the prom and graduation seasons — a crucial time to raise awareness about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol.

If  you’re interested in sharing your story — and joining TAG in its continuing effort to keep teens safe — or if you have questions about the project, email Chris Lemone, Staples student outreach counselor, at, or 203-341-1285.