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Breast Cancer Emergency Foundation Marks A Milestone

We hear so much about the big — and wonderful — non-profits that do so much for our community.

We hear a lot less about the small — but just as wonderful — organizations.

One of my favorites is the Breast Cancer Emergency Aid Foundation.

Since its founding at the end of 2006, BCEAF has provided breast cancer patients in need with financial assistance. The key is that it is direct, non-medical aid. Plenty of women need plenty of help with things like rent, utilities, prostheses, specialty bras, transportation, babysitting and much more.

The first grant was given out in June of 2007. Since then, BCEAF has awarded over $500,000.

Now, they’ve reached a milestone. BCEAF recently gave out its 1000th grant. That’s quite an accomplishment for a small, yet very capable and determined, group of women.

Founded by Shirley Freifeld and the late Phyllis Steinbrecher, BCEAF has established a network of nurses and social workers at local hospitals and cancer centers in 5 states in the Northeast. They refer patients to the Foundation. Donations are solicited through grant requests, direct mail, and point-of-sale retail establishments.

Now it’s on to the next 1000 grants. As always, very quietly — and effectively.

(For more information click here. Donations may be made payable to BCEAF, and sent to: P.O. Box 616 Westport, CT 06881.