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An Algonquian Roundtable Right Here

This event — originally scheduled for Februarywas knocked out by snow. It’s snowing again today, but the new date — this Sunday, March 10 (3-5 p.m.) should be fine!

What famous editor lived on Calvary Road in Westport?

Can you name 2 famous authors he worked with?

What does the town of Willoughby have to do with Westport?

What Westport author wrote a novel about the Nike missile sites?

Where in Westport was Catcher in the Rye written?

F. Scott Fitzgerald will be back in Westport -- in spirit -- on Sunday.

These — and many other fascinating Westport/literary questions — will be answered at a Westport Historical Society event on Sunday.

“Algonquin Roundtable” panelists include best-selling author Jane Green, Pulitzer Prize-winning illustrator Leonard Everett Fisher, F. Scott Fitzgerald expert Richard Webb, and publishing guru David Wilk. They’ll talk about Westport’s literary past (and, perhaps, present and future).

Tickets — just $10! — include light refreshments and a copy of My Year as a Clown, by Westport novelist Robert Steven Williams.

Also scheduled: a special video on Westport literary landmarks. It includes, um, me — as a narrator, not anything else! This blog certainly does not qualify as literature!

(For details, click here. Call for reservations: 203-222-1424.)