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Bob’s Old House

Over the past decade, Bob Weingarten  has researched the histories of more than 100 Westport homes.

More than perhaps anyone else, he’s responsible for the plaques — 1790, 1814, 1861 — showing the dates those structures were built. The Westport Historical Society makes those plaques available, and they add immeasurably to our town’s charm.

A historical plaque, courtesy of the Westport Historical Society. (Photo by Meg Barone/Westport News)

On Saturday, April 20 (1-3 p.m., Westport Historical Society), Bob will share the secrets of tracking down a home’s history. His day job is in real estate, but the WHS calls him its “resident vintage house expert.”

Bob’s first case was his own house. Originally the barn of a 20-acre Hillandale Road farm, its provenance came to light only after a painstaking 9-month search through deeds, tax records and probate documents. Bob was hooked.

He’ll tell that story — and many more — later this month. But one thing Bob won’t say (yet) is the exact age of his house.

He wants audience members to guess.

(For more information, call 203-222-1424, or click here.)