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Ari Edelson’s 24-Hour Musical Miracles

As an actor and director with Staples, Ari Edelson spent months putting on shows.

Now he’s putting on a musical. In just 24 hours.

From start — casting, writing songs and dialogue, staging, rehearsing and opening — to finish.

Like Brigadoon, the moment the curtain falls on a performance that did not exist one day earlier, it’s gone forever.

“24-Hour Musicals,” they’re called. Ari has organized them since 2008.

Ari Edelson

Ari Edelson

This year’s event takes place at New York’s Gramercy Theatre on Monday, April 29. Four 15-minute brand-new musicals will be created in a single day. Participants — drawn from all areas of musical theater — include singer/songwriter Ben Folds. This is his musical theater debut.

Ari calls each exhausting, exhilarating 24-Hour Musical “an Ironman for the theater.”

It’s an Ironman with a purpose. Proceeds benefit The Orchard Project, a world-renowned development center for bold theater artists and companies.

Describing the final product, Ari says, “Part of the fun is when people forget their lines. The audience loves seeing blood on the floor.”

To see that blood — plus the sweat and tears that go into a 24-Hour Musical — click here.