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The Library MakerSpace: One Year Later

A year ago, the MakerSpace opened in the Westport Public Library.

Like many things new — the printing press, automobiles, rap music — opinion was divided. Was this progress, or would it lead to The End of Civilization (or at least, The Library) as we know it?

A year later, the MakerSpace is just one more thing that makes our library special.

And very, very active.

The 1-year anniversary will be celebrated on Wednesday, July 17 (4 p.m.)  in the very MakerSpace in which people of all ages gather to create whatever they wish. Projects range from puppets to 3D printer pieces.

The party begins with a fun Maker activity for everyone, followed by an overview of the MakerSpace and the two 1930s GeeBee racer replicas, suspended from the ceiling of The Great Hall. Speakersl include library director Maxine Bleiweis;  asistant director for innovation and user experience Bill Derry, and Joseph Schott, who oversaw the design and implementation of the planes.

The cake that follows will be the only thing that day not created in the MakerSpace.

The Westport Library's MakerSpace.

The Westport Library’s MakerSpace.