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Slam That App!

There are several ways to find new apps for your smartphone.

You can search in the app store. It’s easy — there are only a squintillion to choose from!

You can rely on friends. And of course, they always remember exactly the right name of an app, and what it does. Sometimes they can even find it on their very crowded home screen.

Or you can go to the Westport Library on Saturday, August 3 ( 1 p.m).

It’s the library’s 3rd “App Slam.” Don’t worry — the only thing you’ll be slamming is your forehead, in amazement that you didn’t know about some of these apps before.

Anyone can walk in and learn. But if you’d like to share your favorite app with the audience (and yeah, it can even be one you developed yourself), online registration is requested by Wednesday, July 31.

There’s no telling what apps will show up at this slam. But if you were there for the last one, you’d have heard about:

  •  MunchCard: Copies business cards and puts information in an interactive database.
  • Apps Gone Free: Alerts you to apps that have become free.
  • CardStar: Maintains barcodes for businesses you frequent.
  • Waze: Finds latest traffic issues and allows you to alert others to ones you discover.
  • BigOven: Finds recipes and allows you to create your own.
  • Calorie Counter: Allows you to keep track of calories.
  • NextGuide: Provides a current TV guide.

Now all we need is an app that keeps track of all the App Slam apps.