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A New Way To Look At 3D Printers

The Westport Library is very proud of their 3D printer.

They should be. It’s cutting edge technology.

Like all new products that some people are not entirely sure are all good, it’s also ripe for satire.

Mack Gelber has taken that assignment. And he carries it through with aplomb.

The Staples graduate —  an Oberlin College creative writing grad who’s just complete a cyborg adventure screenplay — has just published a piece based on his own “experiences” with a 3D printer.

It’s on the Joyland website, “a hub for short fiction.”

Mack’s piece is long. But that’s not why it takes a while to read.

You have to stop every few minutes, because you’re laughing too hard.

Click here for Mack’s masterpiece.

Mack Gelber

Mack Gelber