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Celebrating Sukkot Down At The (Wakeman Town) Farm

Wakeman Town Farm is just that — a farm.

The Congregation for Humanistic Judaism is — well, a congregation.

But when you come down to it, nearly every religion revolves around food.

So it makes sense that this Sunday (September 29) the two institutions will combine for a Sukkot party.

Sukkot has its roots (ho ho) in ancient Israel. Jews built huts (sukkah) near the edges of their fields during harvest season, and decorated them with fruits of their harvest. They provided shade, allowing workers to spend more time in the fields.

Today, Jews build temporary structures used for meals throughout the holiday. The roof is made of organic materials, and open to the sky.

At WTF, children and their parents will decorate the sukkah with bounty from the harvest. Children can also tour the farm.

Sounds like a great event. And, to paraphrase the old Levy’s bread commercial, “You don’t have to be Jewish…”

A typical sukkah.