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Gault Challenges Students: Look Ahead 150 Years

Gault Energy & Stone is 150 years young.

To celebrate its century-and-a-half anniversary, the Westport-based institution is looking ahead. To the next 150 years.

Though today’s teenagers will be (like the rest of us) long gone in 2163, Gault is asking them to share their visions of energy sources, that far into the future. The winner will receive a $1,500 scholarship, and a personal tour of New York’s Bank of America Tower — one of the world’s most environmentally responsible high-rise office buildings.

The month-long online essay competition is called “What’s Next? Energy Solutions for the Next 150 Years.” It runs through October 29. Click here for more information.

Like the students who will enter the contest, Sam Gault — the 5th generation to head the company — is excited about what’s in store. “I fully expect that today’s teens will turn to solar, wind and other renewable energy sources by the time they raise their own kids,” he says. “Their future will be our company’s future.”

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