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Bermuda Triangle — Or Twilight Zone?

When the weather is extremely bad, Metro-North is at its worst.

That’s got to be the feelings of commuters with the misfortune to head past the Saugatuck station, slogging home.

In July 2011, a train carrying 300 passengers got stuck for 53 minutes, just before Green’s Farms. The temperature outside was 103.

Wednesday night, it was a 2-hour nightmare, near the same spot. This time there were 200 passengers — in 8-degree cold. The cars were unheated.

The rescue train — when it finally arrived — did not stop at Green’s Farms. It was not on the right track, reports said.

The 3rd time should be the charm. The weather will be perfect.

Though, of course, there should never be a “next time.”

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