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Unsustainable Sustainability

Westport prides itself on its environmental awareness. And Pippa Bell Ader is one of our town’s most conscientious environmentalists.

So she was a little stunned to receive this 16-pound package the other day:


Pippa says:, “OK, I bought a product from this company, but several years ago. I’ve been meaning to call and ask to be removed from their mailing list. Clearly, I procrastinated too long. There are 13 catalogs from this company.”

But what really drew Pippa’s attention was an accompanying note. The company says, “Heavier Load= Lighter (carbon) Footprint.” By sending just one package a year, the company proudly claims that — combined with their “carbon-neutral shipping practices” and “responsibly sourced paper” — they are “significantly reducing” their impact on the environment.

And, Pippa says with amazement, that statement is printed on an extra piece of paper.