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238 Hidden Acres, Right Here In Westport

You’d think it would be hard to lose 238 acres, right near an interstate highway.

But that’s what most Westporters have done with Sherwood Island.

Connecticut’s 1st start park may as well be in Higganum*, for all we know or care about it.

Thousands of people — tens of thousands, on a sunny weekend — love Sherwood Island. As the closest state park to New York City (at least, the Bronx), it draws a ton of out-of-staters.

No problem. There’s plenty of room (did I mention it’s 238 acres?) for swimming, ball-playing, jogging, dune-walking, and — especially — grilling.

There’s a cool nature center. Connecticut’s 9/11 Memorial. And the state has just announced a $3.1 million upgrade.

Sherwood Island is definitely not Compo Beach. Which may be as good a reason as any for Westporters to check out this gem, hidden here in our midst.

You can feel like you’re going someplace new, yet ride your bike there.

Or even walk.

*A town in central Connecticut whose name sounds humorous; used here for a quick laugh.

Sherwood Island occupies some of Westport's best beachfront real estate. Go see it some time.

Sherwood Island occupies some of Westport’s best beachfront real estate. Go see it some time.