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If you know me personally, you’ve been hearing me complain constantly, I mean constantly, about my noisy upstairs neighbors. They’re 20 years old. They’re 2 of them. That makes them annoying times

Jumpy much? Why yes, yes I am

Have you ever tweaked out because you thought something was crawling on you, but there was nothing there? When I say “tweaked out,” I mean: jumped out of your seat or screamed a little. I just did.
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Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Hey y’all. ‘Tis the season. The season for the flat, open, face-up palm. The “please give me some money” palm. For those of you who don’t own teenagers or go grocery shopping in November/December,

Greenwich Loses Power (Again)

Oh my God… no power in Greenwich. The horror! How are we going to navigate these harrowing intersections? How are we going to have our double shot, clover brewed, low fat, fat free foam cappuccinos?

Good Carma

Y’all, I’ve been having great carma lately. Carma is when good things happen to you that are car related. Don’t you just love a good pun?  Anyway, I want to talk about this. It all started last week
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Happy For Fall… or are you?

This is a little bit of a coming-back-crawling post. I’ve been MIA for at least a month, but with the new season comes new excuses topics. So, will you please forgive me? I’m a little bit in denial
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Another tragic loss on I-95

This is not a post I want to write. Thinking about this subject makes me feel ill. I feel compelled to write it anyway. It may seem scattered or disorganized. So are my feelings on this topic. Mike

I am not going away this weekend

As you may have gathered from the clever title to this post: I am not going away this weekend. Nope. I’m staying in Greenwich. Woo hoo. It’s too bad, because I’ve really been enjoying my weekends on
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