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Pleased to meet you


This is so awkward. I feel like we’ve happened upon each other at a party where a mutual friend introduces us and then suddenly hears his name called, saying “excuse me,” leaving us to acquaint ourselves.

“So, um, MutualFriend says you’re a, uh, trader?”

“Yep.” Pause. “I’m a trader.” Takes sip of beverage.

“Yeah, ok. Well, I have to go, uh, you know, find someone else I know here at this party who’s much less awkward than you are. Nice meeting you.”

Ok, so maybe it’s not that weird. But still.

So allow me to introduce myself. I’m the new girl at the blog party!

You may have noticed the name of this blog, “Rachael from the Sideview,” and that’s not because I have a terrific profile.

The purpose of this blog is to trace my “travels” around Fairfield County, from my commute between Greenwich and Fairfield, to walking my dog around local streets, discovering new places in the area, etc. Basically, my focus is on anything that has a combustible engine or uses local roads to get around.

My personal blog “Rachael on the Road” has more of an emphasis on driving and automobiles, while “Rachael from the Sideview” aims to concentrate on getting around Fairfield County.

Naturally, I’d like to hear about your travels as well. Hopefully this blog will lend itself to discussion. If you want to ask questions or offer opinions on new cars on the market, be my guest. Want to vent about I-95 traffic? I’m all ears. Tips for using less gas? Please! Share!

So, my new friends, it’s been a pleasure meeting you, however clumsy this introductory piece may have been. I’ve never been good at small talk.

Until next time, happy motoring!


Rachael Workman

One Response

  1. Rush L. Workman says:

    Got room for a passenger? Sounds great! Don’t forget the great roads up around the reservoir on route 53.

    Happy Motoring!!