I am not going away this weekend

As you may have gathered from the clever title to this post: I am not going away this weekend.


I’m staying in Greenwich. Woo hoo.

It’s too bad, because I’ve really been enjoying my weekends on the Cape. Last weekend, my mother and I went up to my grandmother’s cottage to see our two nieces/cousins/granddaughters (respectively) who were visiting from Florida. They are still in college. They are so cute.

We had a good time.

I should have a group shot somewhere...

The nieces/cousins/granddaughters left Sunday afternoon and my mother left Monday morning. No offense, because I really loved seeing you all, but it really started getting good when Monday rolled around.

No traffic. No one was on the beach.

Geez, where am I going to sit?

The water was especially clean.

I found a hermit crab.

The cotton tailed rabbits were out to play.

Plus, no fireworks so Mason Dixon could actually enjoy his vacation, too. This is him giving me a guilt trip at 8:30 Monday morning for staying in bed too long.

Mason, hello, I don't have to be anywhere this morning...

When Monday evening reared its ugly head, I considered “eating a bad clam” but the forecast was rain for Tuesday so I figured I’d head back to work after all.

This weekend I’ll be helping another cousin move into her new apartment, which actually will be fun since she’s promised baked goods into the deal. I’m going to make some quality time for my special friend: Island Beach, maybe catch Captain America and do some things around the house. Overall, it will be relaxing, but I will sure miss the Cape.

Until next week, happy staycationing.


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