Happy For Fall… or are you?

This is a little bit of a coming-back-crawling post.

I’ve been MIA for at least a month, but with the new season comes new excuses topics. So, will you please forgive me?

I’m a little bit in denial that summer is officially over. I had a really good run this season. I’ve been all over the coast from Maine to South Carolina and all the states in between. I’ve driven some sweet cars, got a good tan, found a delightful new man and a fresh outlook.

Which is why I didn’t have time to blog, ok?

But I’m back. For now.

Last year on Rachael on the Road, I did a “my favorite things about fall” post and I think I’d like to recycle this concept with a twist. These are the things that I am totally looking forward to this season:

  1. Road trips are not just for the summer. Pack your leash and tweed jacket, Mason, we’re still hitting the road.
  2. Wearing housewife-red nail polish and lipstick to match.
  3. Bangs.
  4. Perfecting my soup-making skills, specifically Artichoke Soup.
  5. Not sitting in traffic.
  6. Blogging more, particularly from the road.

I’m not sure how I’m going to honor #5, but as long as it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, I should be good.

Going through this list every Fall is a very therapeutic way to accept the changing of the season and the transition from hot, sunny, bright, gorgeous beach days to cold, dark, miserable winter snow days.

It would help if this weren’t the view from my office today:

See that? That’s rain. On my window. I see this isn’t going to be easy. But with a little wine help along the way, I’ll get through it.

Are you happy that Fall is here already? Comment below with your favorite things about the changing seasons.

In the meantime, happy tweed-shopping.


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