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Sharing really does mean caring

If you know me personally, you’ve been hearing me complain constantly, I mean constantly, about my noisy upstairs neighbors. They’re 20 years old. They’re 2 of them. That makes them annoying times two. Which means I’m complaining times two. My poor boyfriend. My poor mother. My poor landlords! (No, scratch that, they don’t get any sympathy.) It all […] [Read More]

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Hey y’all. ‘Tis the season. The season for the flat, open, face-up palm. The “please give me some money” palm. For those of you who don’t own teenagers or go grocery shopping in November/December, this is what I’m talking about: Now, I don’t usually assume this palm-position. It’s not really my style. But today, I’m […] [Read More]

Greenwich Loses Power (Again)

Oh my God… no power in Greenwich. The horror! How are we going to navigate these harrowing intersections? How are we going to have our double shot, clover brewed, low fat, fat free foam cappuccinos? HOW? Beware the blood shot eyes of your local hedge fund manager, or the panic stricken un-caffeinated, non blow-dried house wife. With no […] [Read More]

Another tragic loss on I-95

This is not a post I want to write. Thinking about this subject makes me feel ill. I feel compelled to write it anyway. It may seem scattered or disorganized. So are my feelings on this topic. Mike DeFruscio was driving his 2011 Infiniti G37x coupe yesterday morning around 4:00 on I-95 traveling south in […] [Read More]

Paying more to fill up in CT: Part 3 How to conserve gas while driving

Welcome to the final installment of the gas-price trilogy. In this episode, I’ll give you my Top Ten Tips on conserving gas while you’re actually driving your car (not riding a bike). This is a very classic case of “do as I say, not as I do.” Because unlike the rest of you, I like paying […] [Read More]

Paying more to fill up in CT: Part 2 Why IS it so expensive?

If you are a devoted reader of “Rachael from the SideView,” then you know this is part 2 of what’s shaping up to be a 3 part series on gas prices. A gas price trilogy, if you will. For this second part of my gas price trilogy, I call my expert witness and good friend, John […] [Read More]

Paying more to fill up in CT: Part 1 How much do you pay to fill up?

It seems everyone is tweeting talking about the price of gas these days. I have a couple semi- inconsistent things I want to say about gas prices. Just bear with me: 1. Gas feels expensive because we aren’t used to paying so much for it. But if you filled your tank up with milk it’d cost roughly […] [Read More]

Pleased to meet you

This is so awkward. I feel like we’ve happened upon each other at a party where a mutual friend introduces us and then suddenly hears his name called, saying “excuse me,” leaving us to acquaint ourselves. “So, um, MutualFriend says you’re a, uh, trader?” “Yep.” Pause. “I’m a trader.” Takes sip of beverage. “Yeah, ok. Well, I have […] [Read More]