An international perspective on Hurricane Sandy

This blog entry is an exerpt of an email from Michelle Saldivar,  the Co-President of the YW’s International Club who was born in Mexico.  She sent it on Tuesday to our International Club members, most of whom are ex-pats here in Darien.

I hope everyone and your loved ones are safe and in good spirits. Last night was definitely one of the scariest of my life. I spent it in the basement with my family, the kids slept, I worried about every loud thump and hoped that our house would not be in the way of a falling tree. My guitar muffled a lot of the sound for a while, and tiredness helped us sleep before the sun came out. Going upstairs my heart was beating very hard in anticipation if what could be. We were very fortunate to come out of it with just scattered branches and one big tree down in the back yard. Many around us got bigger material damages but everyone is safe.

Like many of you, we still have no power and are trying to turn this experience into an adventure, mostly for our kids but also for us. Growing up in Mexico “apagones” or lights out, were commonplace and we resorted to imagination to keep us entertained. Last night we camped. Today we spent the day socializing with our neighbors and cleaning up our yards. When the daylight began to fade, we fired up the grill to heat up a pot of water for my baby’s formula and made some hot chocolate with our ” still good” milk. We enjoyed our warm drink with s’mores on the fireplace and a game of charades.

We managed to charge our phones in the car and turned on the radio to get some insight on how things are going. We could perfectly see in our minds the pictures of devastation the commentators described. We should light up the fireplace, have a glass of wine and listen to the radio more often. It was a very calming experience, although the subject matter certainly made us even more thankful for our fortune compared to many others.

Hopefully things go back to normal soon, in the meantime, enjoy each other’s company and count your blessings. Thanks to the guy at Stop and Shop who got up very early and was making pot after pot of coffee, thanks to the YW for opening to charge our phones and play, thanks to our neighbors who lost their car and their house has a tree on it and face it all with amazing spirits and positive attitude.  We live in a great town and it will be even better after all the clean up is done!

Good night,


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