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Phoning It In

A spirited discussion occurs among entrepreneurs whenever the topic of selling surfaces. The conversation will often include the merits of selling over the telephone over the need to be face-to-face with a client. Some entrepreneurs believe that they have a better chance of closing a sale when they can actually be together with the prospect […] [Read More]
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Selling OUT of a Sale

It happened again. A client came to me and wanted me to help them salvage a sales call that had gone terribly wrong. It is as if they wanted me to give them a “morning after pill” for sales calls or turn back the clock and offer them a do-over. The best I could offer […] [Read More]

Transparency, Behavior and Experience

Business owners work extra diligently to create the best products and services they can to attract shoppers, clients, and customers. They compete on the basis of having built a better mousetrap, a more effective solution, a cheaper version of something, a more enhanced option, or offering something that is not readily available from competitors. Unfortunately, […] [Read More]