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Serious Side of Fun

Businesspeople are always on the hunt for ways to have fun at work to spice up their dreary office jobs, repetitive assignments, and projects that score high on the boredom scale. However, there are businesspeople whose job it is to provide fun for others. Those in the hospitality industry cannot survive on the business generated […] [Read More]

When Negatitivity is a Positive

Most business people can easily rattle off reasons why customers should purchase from their business rather than from the competition.  The ease with which most entrepreneurs can slip into discussions of their; experience, business model, qualifications, testimonials, etc. is almost second nature.  While it is important to be able to answer that question convincingly and […] [Read More]

Everyday Counts in Customer Service

A close friend of mine recently shared a horrific experience she had with a major retailer that manufacturers their own product brand Her experience should serve as a wake-up call to EVERY company that thinks that customer service, repair, technical support, or other “after the sale” functions are less important than sales and marketing She […] [Read More]