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Is Stew Still Right?

A week ago a JetBlue flight attendant received quite a bit of attention for doing what so many employees have dreamed of doing. Steven Slater lived out the fantasy of the old Johnny Paycheck song, “Take This Job and Shove it.”  The reports of the incident have become well-known by now.  In spite of the […] [Read More]

Back to School For All

The weather here in Connecticut is still rather summery, but the commercials have already begun to run for the sales occurring on back to school supplies. Many kids are trying to slow down time to savor their summer for a bit longer, but quite a few parents have the wisdom to know that returning to […] [Read More]

How to Prevent a Repeat

The recent news has filled with the tragedy that occurred at the beer distributorship in Manchester, CT.  A disgruntled route driver was accused of having stolen from the company and reselling it on his own.  As the story seem to be unfolding, the driver’s employment was terminated and he then requested a drink of water […] [Read More]
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A False Favre

The annual circus around will Brett Favre come back or not is in full bloom. The rumors, speculation, and hypothesizing are being given the kind of time and attention more often reserved for true news stories that impact our daily lives much more personally and dramatically than whether a Football Quarterback who is on his […] [Read More]