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Salary = Success

We are currently in the long-term  ripple effects of the recession and many small business owners have had to close up shop and pursue other opportunities.  The empty storefronts up and down Main Street, USA are testament to just how hard it is to succeed in today’s current economic climate.  Still other business owners have […] [Read More]
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Will Health Insurance Hamstring Entrepreneurs?

Of all of the politically contentious issues being debated in Connecticut right now between the candidates running for office, Barack Obama’s healthcare initiative is perhaps the one that is the most polarizing. As small business owners and entrepreneurs, this issue is one that brings into focus the collision of idealism and practicalities. What follows is […] [Read More]

Getting a Handle on the Economy

Entrepreneurs are as glued to the media’s reporting of economic indicators as anyone else.  Of late, the pronouncements made that the economy is healthy and growing are more often drowned out by those that speak to the continuation of doom and gloom.  While it is the state of things that most of us do not care to […] [Read More]

Sales Tracking Essentials

Any good business owner knows that it is essential to keep a close eye on sales and sales performance.  While the rest of the company’s efforts may be aligned and working productively, without a strong sales effort; the chances of success are nil. One sales management consultant, Suzanne Paling has written a helpful guide for […] [Read More]