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To Party or Not

This time of the year is when many companies wrestle with how to acknowledge the season and how to show their appreciation for both their employees and their customers or clients.  The issue of HOW to behave will be addressed in numerous articles, tv stories, blogs, and the like; but WHETHER to hold a party […] [Read More]
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The New Truths About PR (Part 2)

In the previous column, David Meerman Scott shared some ideas about how business owners can leverage the new media options to maximize their business performance. In this second and final column, Mr. Scott concludes answering additional questions. As a reminder, he will be speaking at the FCPRA in Stamford, CT on November 22nd (register at […] [Read More]

The New Truths About PR (Part 1)

One of the most disconcerting things that can happen in business is that once the owner believes they have figured out what to do, what works, and how to do it; the capabilities and requirements change.  The “rules of the game” shift and what once was seen as progessive is now outmoded or replaced by […] [Read More]

Does Nostalgia Sell?

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, many of us begin to reminisce about the smells, tastes, and memories of going back “home” (whether home is a few time zones away or just down the street). In the haze of our recollections, we tend to romanticize our experiences and heighten the more positively prominent aspect of […] [Read More]

Working Out Without The Sweat

As we approach the holidays, many of us are concerned about not indulging in bad dietary habits and then having to live with the guilt of weight gain. To combat the excesses of holiday eating, many of us will have to endure the sweat, pain, and fatigue of working out.  Contrarily, businesses have a chance to […] [Read More]