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Go Ahead, Be a Grinch

As you sit around the holiday¬†fireplace this year and feign being happy with the gifts you will never use, pretend not to mind the cost of the dinner on the table, or act interested in hearing the same stories over and over from the forgetful relative, you may get the vague feeling that you are […] [Read More]

Social Media and Business

Time Magazine has announced that Mark Zuckerberg, a 26 year old entrepreneur and creator of Facebook, is the “Time Person of the Year.”¬† With much fanfare and gallons of ink devoted to the creative genius of the idea, business platform, and usefulness of the application; one out of every twelve people ON THE PLANET now […] [Read More]

Cash, Credit, or Concern?

Given that this is the holiday season and the economy has not been as robust as many would have hoped it would be after the tinkering by the Federal Government to avoid a crisis, a strange confluence of activity is occurring. People are feeling compelled to spend on gifts, parties, and holiday celebrations, but are […] [Read More]