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Yearly Archive for 2011

: 2011

Holiday Hints

This time of the year presents some interesting decisions for businesses to make in terms of what to acknowledge, say, leverage, or ignore.  With so many different constituencies to consider

RFPs are an Invitation to Failure

It is no surprise to any B-toB (business to business) professional that the business is becoming more competitive and that opportunities are harder to come by with each passing year. So, it is

So You Are A CEO – Now What?

Corporate employees making the transition to being self-employed due to layoffs, following their passions or dreams, starting a new business in their spare time to supplement their income, or for any

Three Ms

Melvin Cooper, Mensch, Mentor, Leadership, Love, Business, Lessons, Malloy, Jeffrey Butler

Slow Down to Go Fast

Customers attending any industry conference, trade show, networking event or even a sales presentation are often wise to arrive in battle armor. Sales people seem to have become increasingly

Are the Daily Deal Discount Sites Worth it?

During the recession, many of us discovered and began to use services that offered large discounts for restaurants, retailers, service providers, etc through website offers. In some instances, the

It Starts With the Customer

The experience is one that gets replayed over and over in homes, offices, and anywhere your cell phone is turned on.  You are busy focused on one task or another and the ring of your phone interrupts

A Searing Pain

Using the benefit of the Columbus Day holiday, I went in search of a vacuum in the hopes of finding a sale on home appliances at local retailers. I was in a buying mode, and really did not want to

Best Practices Are Not

In speaking with clients there is a pervasive theme that many seem to subscribe to in setting goals, strategies, and objectives. The ‘holy grail’ for these clients is the determination and definition

Peaceful Easy Feeling

One of the hardest things to create for a business is the sense of culture or community amongst the customers and the staff. Sure – some businesses focus on creating networks of hundred or thousands