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I am in HR – My Role is Compliance

On a recent flight to the Western States on business, I was joined by a group of women who were heading to Los Angeles for a trip to Disney. Based on their animated and excited conversations, I was not certain if this was a Bachelorette Party or friends that were all taking a childless vacation […] [Read More]
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Process of Becoming a Guru

A recent article posted on the website Open Forum, an American Express site focused on small business issues ( ), there was an article addressing tips and techniques to becoming a known expert or industry authority.  The article was written by James Clear, the Founder of Passive Panda, a consulting firm addressing business strategy and entrepreneurial issues […] [Read More]

What Changed?

Over the years, I have been struck by how much sales training is delivered – and how often it is sub-optimal. I have spoken with numerous leaders about this fact to confirm my insight. After all of that, I have to ask  two questions that I think really encapsulates many of the discussions I have […] [Read More]

Ego Getting In The Way

Each week I have the privilege of working with the finest executives, sales people, and business professionals across numerous industries helping them improve their skills across a wide variety of competencies. For years, while my children were growing up, weekends were spent coaching youth sports and helping them develop skills in athletics. Every now and […] [Read More]