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Back to School and You

As many of you are experiencing; this week and perhaps next are the weeks when students head back to school. While parents sending their kids off to college for the first time are experiencing the empty nest or having to “let go” of their progeny, the other sides of this life event is what the […] [Read More]

What can we Learn From Chad?

Over the past week, we have all seen the “train wreck” that is Chad Johnson (formerly known as OchoCinco for the number he wore on the back of his football uniform) do the following: Swear uncontrollably during an interview that was broadcast on HBO Promise (jokingly?) to get arrested over the weekend In fact, get […] [Read More]

Crowd-Funding as a Source of Assets

The traditional way to raise funds for most businesses included: Using one’s own funds (savings or the money the owner is able to generate and apply to the needs of the business Relying on friends, neighbors, or family to either invest in the business, loan, or gift to the business owner Going to banks or […] [Read More]
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Negotiating Expert’s Advice on Discounting – Don’t (Part 2)

Part 2 of the discussion with Ron Hubsher, author, Consultant, and Sales Expert) In the previous article, Ron Hubsher shared the importance of thinking in terms of value and not solely cost in determining whether to offer discounts (versus replacing price reductions with increasing value through services, support, or other means).  In this article, Ron […] [Read More]

The Missing Fifth P – Personalizing Merchant-dising in the Home

Retailers and manufacturers alike are scratching their heads in befuddlement at the fact that what once worked for them is no longer effective. Tried and true tactics that were able to previously provide a boost to the bottom line are not delivering the anticipated results. Where in years gone by reliance on the ‘4P’s” (Price, […] [Read More]