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Loyalty, Customer Service, and Sales

I recently completed delivering a training session at a client site that took me nearly fully across the country. Using the opportunity to visit friends I don’t get to see too often on the West Coast, I extended the trip to permit me to double up on prospecting with clients in the Pacific time zone […] [Read More]
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Aiming the Arrow at the Target

Business results are down, sales are in decline, errors are creeping into production, profits are in decline, margins are in a freefall, and things just aren’t being done as effectively and efficiently as before.  For many business leaders, that is the time when they reach for their trusted “go-to” reaction and decide to heap training […] [Read More]

Do You Measure Customer Equity?

As a business person, executive, or entrepreneur there are many specific measures employed to gauge business success. Some of them are quite familiar to business people; profit, sales dollars, market share, number of customers, and costs among others. However, while those are certainly indicative of success and appropriate to be tracked; they do not give […] [Read More]

Should we Give Cold Calls the Cold Shoulder?

As a trainer and consultant, I often am asked to help sales forces hone their skills in prospecting, sales methods, sales call techniques, etc.  Among the clients or prospects that inquire about those services, some of them use a “cold-calling” model for interest generation among their potential markets to generate sales.  I often have to […] [Read More]