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Silver Ribbon Helps Those Without Silver Spoons

As shoppers and consumers, we often default to a belief that business owners are motivated by a single outcome – and that is profit. We assume that the reason business people get out of bed in the morning is to make profit, sales, and generate revenue. In fact, most business executives are motivated at least as much, if not more, by achieving something far more lasting. It may be providing a quicker or more accurate solution to a vexing shopper/customer/consumer problem. It might be improving the lives of their clients. It can even be leaving a mark on the world.

Additionally, shoppers often prefer to conduct their business with local vendors, or at least businesses that they believe they “know” in some way rather than faceless businesses that are seen as just “big business.”  And, lastly, as shoppers, we often are driven by the same inclinations as some business owners – to do good.

So given the pre-conceived notions shoppers have about business people (though often untrue), and their own self-beliefs about their own motivations to do something positive; the best synergies occur when a business steps up and offers to do something that is clearly aiding society, contributing to culture, or lending a helping hand to those who are disadvantaged.  Such an example is occurring in our own backyard.

Silver Ribbon Gives Back

Handcrafted items from Kenya

Handcrafted items from Kenya

A local Westport handcrafted jewelry retailer, Silver Ribbon ( is conducting an event where all profits from the sales of their unique handmade items occurring on Saturday and Sunday, October 26-27 will be donated to the Cornerstone Project (  The Cornerstone Project is focused on on providing education to Kenyan orphans who have lost their parents due to AIDS. The founder, Martine Nolletti, of Milford, CT of Cornerstone Project and all her volunteers will take no money for salaries or expenses so all donation dollars go to the children in need. 

Cornerstone Project

Jewelry purchased supports Kenyan women and orhpans.

Jewelry purchased supports Kenyan women and orhpans.

In addition to her dedication to raising funds and providing assistance to the Nambale Magnet School in Kenya, Ms. Nolletti and the Cornerstone Project have a strong commitment to self-sustainability, both financially and environmentally.  The Silver Ribbon has agreed to showcase the unique jewelry and handbags made by talented Kenyan women.  By so doing, the Silver Ribbon will collaborate with shoppers to spend a weekend doing something good for people who can benefit from improved educational opportunities, better housing options, and the ability to participate in the economy in a way that would not commonly be available to them under most circumstances.  This passion of Ms. Nolletti’s , has been recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in nonprofit management.


Shoppers can spend an enjoyable day browsing and learning more about the Kenyan artistic culture and should an item appeal, they can make a purchase content in the knowledge that they are not only purchasing a desired item, but they are also contributing to the betterment of people who can really use the assist.  Among the items featured will include handcrafted jewelry, handbags, baskets, and more.  The event is being held at the Silver Ribbon of Wesport at 1240 Post Road East.  Store hours are 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday and 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Sunday.


David Zahn