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About David Zahn

David Zahn is:

  1. a successful serial entrepreneur having owned and operated three businesses ( serving the grocery and Consumer Packaged Goods industries; addressing the needs of the outdoor sporting goods retailers and manufacturers; and assisting new entrepreneurs launch their businesses and achieve their dreams)
  2. Adjunct faculty member in two graduate school programs at the University of New Haven
  3. Author of two books on consulting skills (“How To Succeed as an Independent Consultant, 4th Ed.” and “The Quintessential Guide To Using Consultants.”)
  4. Frequent keynote speaker at industry conferences, trade shows, and meetings
  5. Still hoping that the NY Knicks come to their senses and recognize that they could use him in their starting five.

When not traveling on business, teaching, or writing, he can often be found searching for the best Buffalo Chicken Wings in Connecticut and beyond and welcomes suggestions of places to try to add to his roster of “must try” restaurants.