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David Zahn

Data Sprawl and your Business

One of the best innovations of recent time is the ability to untether from large desktop computers that force the employee to work in a single location.  Whether it is through a laptop, a tablet, or even a smartphone, employees can now access corporate data, complete transactions, and conduct essential business functions while remotely located. […] [Read More]

Location, Location, Location

As an entrepreneur and business owner, a key decision to the success of the company is where to place the business.  While the internet is becoming a key distribution channel for many enterprises, the physical location of the business still remains a major contributor of the eventual business outcomes.  However, to do it correctly, requires […] [Read More]

The Relationship Between Customer Service and Pricing

The default assumption or business practice for many technology or business service companies and executives is that determining pricing for products and/or services is the domain of marketing.  Customer service is seen as a cost that falls under the Operations group or may even be a department/function independent of Marketing or Operations.  However, that is […] [Read More]

Business Opportunity Limiter: Trust

Business professionals pride themselves on being able to quickly and accurately assess opportunities and creatively determine appropriate solutions to address or leverage those opportunities.  They rely on their vast experience, unique perspectives built on questioning conventional wisdom or accepted practices, and their willingness to innovate or seek new approaches to solving old problems.  As businesses […] [Read More]

Employee Development Follies

One sure way to get managers and employees to roll their eyes and all but wish for a short-term illness is to announce that they are to attend or participate in a company-sponsored training session.  As someone who makes his living through the design, development, and delivery of training and employee development initiatives, it causes […] [Read More]

Inverted or Perverted Organization

There has been a movement that has overtaken many businesses that attempts to re-imagine how to effectively create an organizational culture.  The traditional corporate culture was shaped like a pyramid with power centralized to the top.  There was a patriarichal feeling to the culture with supervisors being expected to know best, control information shared to […] [Read More]

Time to End the Good Ole Boy Network (Part II)

This is the second of a two-part series addressing the strength of having female executives either owning or in senior positions within the company.  This two-part series is presented by a guest blogger –  Deborah A. Bussière. Deborah self-identifies as a Corporate Refugee currently advising startups after a very successful career that included senior level positions at […] [Read More]
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Time to End the “Good Ole’ Boy Network”

Upon occasion, I like to turn this column over to industry thought leaders and allow them the opportunity to directly address issues of pressing importance to the business community from their perspective.  Coincident to Mother’s Day, this column and next week’s will be addressing the question of:  “What advantages do companies that are run by or […] [Read More]