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David Zahn

Is Stevie Wonder Your Business Mentor?

When most people think of Stevie Wonder, they think of his amazing talent musically. However, very few of us think of Stevie Wonder as a person to turn to for business advice. While Stevie Wonder may not be thought of in the same class of advice-givers as, Peter Drucker, Jack Welch, or W Edwards Deming; […] [Read More]

Go Ahead, Wear White!

All of our lives it seems that people have been telling us what we should and should not do, what is correct and what is not, and how to do things and how not to do things. Sometimes, this list of unwritten rules and codes is referred to as, “conventional wisdom.” If it is ever […] [Read More]

What Will It Take Before You Learn?

The excitement and dread of school-aged children is palpable this time of the year. It is “Back to School” time and all of the hopes and promises of good outcomes still have the potential to come true for students. The results of last year’s tests quickly fade (for better or for worse), and it is […] [Read More]

Do Assumptions Belong in Business?

When we think of business executives and leaders, we tend to think in terms of people who are quite comfortable with facts and data.  They are facile with spreadsheets, financial analysis, and base decisions on logical reasoning to identify opportunities and appropriate solutions.  And, while there are many who do fit that profile – nothing […] [Read More]

Grass Mowing Can Teach Business Leaders

This past weekend, like many others, I was out mowing a lawn.  And, like many others, given how mundane the task is, my mind wandered as I continued the chore.  Only, instead of perhaps daydreaming of terrific adventures and successes, I was struck by the lessons and inspiration business leaders can take from the repetitive task. […] [Read More]

The Debate Around Cold Calling

One of the outcomes of the confluence of the proliferation of social media, technology-enabled approaches to marketing (websites, webinars, emails, YouTube, podcasts, RSS, etc.), and the increasing time impoverishment of people in their work and personal lives, is the belief that “cold calling” is dead.  For most of us on the receiving end, the “cold call” (an […] [Read More]

Avoiding Confusion – HONESTLY?

A recent brouhaha has erupted between a company the actress, Jessica Alba, is affiliated with that sells eco-friendly products for toddlers and a company built on somewhat humorous Twitter posts written as if from the thoughts of a toddler.  The company Ms. Alba is a part of, The Honest Company, has decided to sue the much […] [Read More]

Is Your Business Boiling Frogs?

Most of us have heard (if not tested) of the phenomena of placing frogs into a pot of water and slowly turning up the heat. Unlike placing the frog into boiling water when it will immediately hop out of the water; the gradual change in the water temperature does not lead to any avoidance actions.  […] [Read More]