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David Zahn

Is It Possible Lulumon’s CEO Was Right?

This past week, Chip Wilson, the CEO of athletic apparel company Lulumom seemed to have stuck his foot in his mouth twice.  That is; after he had to make  amends for a quality issue not too long ago that left customers wearing the product a little more exposed than they had intended while stretching and […] [Read More]

Just How EDGY Are You?

Every business leader, manager, entrepreneur, business owner, senior executive, board member of an organization or company, and even investors questions from time to time – what makes this entity a success?  Or, if the business is floundering, they look to the skies and ponder, “what would it take for this to become better or improve?” […] [Read More]
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Did Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Get it Wrong?

Few of us would think to turn to the rock singers, Crosby, Still, Nash and Young for business advice.  Their popular song, “Teach Your Children” is well-known by “people of a certain age,” however, it rarely is quoted by business pundits.  And certainly fewer of us would think to reverse the lyrics and think that […] [Read More]

Employers, Posts, and Privacy

When business professionals think of social media issues, they ordinarily focus on counseling recent college graduates to remove the posts of them in unflattering photos; engaging in illegal activities (underage drinking, drug-taking, or other things), poor representations of themselves (undressed or partially dressed poses or making profane gestures), wearing clothing or holding signs that contain […] [Read More]

Insurance Check-Up

The fourth quarter of the year is typically focused on preparing for the holiday rush in retail, ending the year on a strong note for deliveries before the end of the year to count in this year’s revenue target, and starting to think about new initiatives for the new year.  In that frenzy of action […] [Read More]

Silver Ribbon Helps Those Without Silver Spoons

As shoppers and consumers, we often default to a belief that business owners are motivated by a single outcome – and that is profit. We assume that the reason business people get out of bed in the morning is to make profit, sales, and generate revenue. In fact, most business executives are motivated at least […] [Read More]

Loyalty and MAGIC

It seems that nearly every conversation that transpires between manufacturers (brands) and retailers includes some acknowledgement of the need to build customer loyalty. The manufacturer wants to build shopper loyalty to their brands and portfolio. The retailer wants to do what it can to ensure that the shopper chooses their stores and banners over other […] [Read More]

Cap at Your Own Peril

Given that we are entering the fourth quarter of the year for those companies that work on a calendar year basis, now is the time when some clients contact me to talk about redesigning their sales compensation systems. One of the key decisions management of businesses confront is how to best balance the following: motivating […] [Read More]