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David Zahn

Source and Select For Success

As the economy slowly seems to be turning more positive and companies are tentatively considering returning to hiring the staff that they have had to do without over the last few years; there is renewed attention being paid to how to go about securing the best candidates for job openings.  However, approaching this important decision […] [Read More]

Presentation Strategy

It is part of almost any sales cycle that is beyond a “self-serve” purchase. With the exception of certain retail sales where the customer or shopper is expert enough to determine his/her needs alone and decide on the best product fit to accomplish the goal, a sales person will be involved. During that involvement, there […] [Read More]

Creating a Marketing Strategy

At the core of every business are certain fundamentals. Among them are the ability to produce a product or service, deliver it to a customer, and collect payment on it. However, without the competence to link prospects and customers to the business; there isn’t any ability to engage in the other competencies. That ability – […] [Read More]

Consultation on Consulting

Being known or introduced as a consultant often leads to one of two reactions.  The first is people assume I am between jobs or unemployed and then quickly excuse themselves to go refill their drink glass.  The other response is the pursuit of “free advice” under the guise of being curious or making conversation. One […] [Read More]

The Pluses and Minuses of Interns

This is the time of the year when a corporate version of speed dating occurs. Students pursuing various professional degrees begin looking for career relevant opportunities while at the same time many college-aged students are being wooed by companies seeking temporary assistance.  The pursuit and capture of interns and internships kicks into high gear as […] [Read More]

Saying it so I Hear

There is nothing more essential to business than being able to communicate the benefits or value of the company, product, or service. Whether that communication is with a bank, a supplier, or a customer; failure to do it properly is often the source of problems, the need to rework or duplicate work, lost sales, or […] [Read More]

Boss and Business

This Spring includes a tour of a revamped E Street Band backing up Bruce Springsteen (the Boss). For those that are not fans, the band has lost two members due to deaths over the last few years. One of the losses was a “key member” of the band, Clarence Clemons, the saxophone player that Bruce […] [Read More]

Value and Values are not the Same

The senior sales executive at a client asked to meet with me not too long ago to discuss how to improve his sales force’s execution in the field. His complaint was that his direct reports were not performing at the level required to meet the aggressive quota established by senior management and the board of […] [Read More]

I am in HR – My Role is Compliance

On a recent flight to the Western States on business, I was joined by a group of women who were heading to Los Angeles for a trip to Disney. Based on their animated and excited conversations, I was not certain if this was a Bachelorette Party or friends that were all taking a childless vacation […] [Read More]
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Process of Becoming a Guru

A recent article posted on the website Open Forum, an American Express site focused on small business issues ( ), there was an article addressing tips and techniques to becoming a known expert or industry authority.  The article was written by James Clear, the Founder of Passive Panda, a consulting firm addressing business strategy and entrepreneurial issues […] [Read More]