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We Love the Home Runs

Culturally, our society loves the big outlandish efforts. We love the Baseball sluggers who hit massive home runs that pull us out of our seats (though we forgive them when they far more often strike
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Working with Sub-Contractors

In today’s economy and business environment it is often necessary for service providers to cobble together a solution for their clients or customers by employing experts and niche providers as

Ethics, Business, and Sales

I teach a course in Consulting Skills in a “small New Haven, CT” Graduate School. The students are comprised of academically bright students and business professionals pursuing their Masters Degree
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Why am I being Recorded?

In speaking with business professionals still struggling with the slow return of the economy, one of the frustrations is in dealing with credit card companies, mortgage companies, or other lending

The Trust Tax

The calendar indicates that this is the time of year when we are all expected to submit our personal income tax forms to the IRS (and by the way, if you have not done so yet, there is still time to go
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Getting Oriented About Interviewing

As a senior executive or even the owner of a business it may not occur to you to look at your company from the perspective of a prospective new job applicant.  You might perceive that you are far too

Who Would Have Thunk It?

Just a decade ago, we thought we were fairly progressive and self-congratulatory about our technology, position in the global economy, and strength of our educational system. Now, ten years later, and
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Cost vs. Investment

By virtue of being a consultant to business, I am often put into a category by existing clients, prospects, and business associates that I would rather not be a part of – annoyance. While I fervently

Nemo’s Reminder

The last few days have been spent shoveling, plowing, scraping, sanding, and generally trying to undo the damage and inconvenience that a blizzard can cause. It likely is not top of mind for most of

Training’s Tension

For any business to succeed, employees must remain current on industry trends, new products, customer wants and needs, technological advances, internal policy changes, etc. In fact, nearly every