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Process of Becoming a Guru

A recent article posted on the website Open Forum, an American Express site focused on small business issues ( ), there was an article addressing tips and techniques to becoming a known expert or industry authority.  The article was written by James Clear, the Founder of Passive Panda, a consulting firm addressing business strategy and entrepreneurial issues […] [Read More]

What Changed?

Over the years, I have been struck by how much sales training is delivered – and how often it is sub-optimal. I have spoken with numerous leaders about this fact to confirm my insight. After all of that, I have to ask  two questions that I think really encapsulates many of the discussions I have […] [Read More]

Ego Getting In The Way

Each week I have the privilege of working with the finest executives, sales people, and business professionals across numerous industries helping them improve their skills across a wide variety of competencies. For years, while my children were growing up, weekends were spent coaching youth sports and helping them develop skills in athletics. Every now and […] [Read More]

When an Employee Leaves

Over the course of any employee-having business’ lifetime, there are bound to be those times when an employee leaves the company.  Some of the time it is because they are removed from their employment by the employer (fired). In those instances, it is more common for both parties to want to separate from each other […] [Read More]
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Is Vulnerability the New Strength?

Not too long ago I found myself agreeing to a partially funded trip out to Las Vegas courtesy of Hilton Grand Vacations to get some much needed rest and relaxation. In exchange for the partially subsidized trip, I had to consent to participate in a one-hour presentation/tour of a time-share property that Hilton wished to […] [Read More]

Talk Show Truths

Ordinarily, business people do not find the morning talk shows and gabfests to be places of enormous business insight. More often, these shows are mildly entertaining and perhaps expose a side of humanity that most viewers find even more outlandish than their own. However, every now and again; there are moments of wisdom that one […] [Read More]

Traveling the Six “C’s” of Trust

One of the larger misconceptions among business owners, entrepreneurs, and even customers is that business decisions are primarily made on a logical basis. So, the effort in the selling environment is to share data, facts, questions and answers, etc. back and forth to create a matrix of quantitative assessment criteria. And if it is success and […] [Read More]

Is PETA More Than a PITA?

While catching up on documentaries recently, I came across a video of a few years ago titled, “I Am an Animal.” The video is an insight into the motivation and tactics of Ingrid Newkirk, the co-founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in accomplishing the goals and strategies of the organization.  While Ingrid and […] [Read More]

Structure Rewards Correctly

When thinking about building business in the new year, many business owners will consider tinkering with the compensation structures offered to their sales people.  However, there are some caveats to consider when planning how to best create a successful reward and incentive plan that motivates salespeople.  Being ignorant of these warning can lead to less […] [Read More]

Holiday Hints

This time of the year presents some interesting decisions for businesses to make in terms of what to acknowledge, say, leverage, or ignore.  With so many different constituencies to consider (employees, customers, suppliers, and even competitors), the holidays are fraught with opportunities to stumble.  Employees Employees often come to expect that they will be recognized during […] [Read More]