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Going with the Flow

The nature of the business owner and a source of pride for them is that they are relentless in their desire to see the weaknesses in current products and services available in the market (including their own products and services) and exploit an advantage they believe their offering can provide.  In order to maximize the identification […] [Read More]

LeBron Lessons

The NBA Finals have now concluded and the water cooler conversations offering post-mortems have begun.  The Miami Heat had acquired LeBron James during the off-season and then added Chris Bosh as well to their long-tenured star – Dwayne Wade and there were those that were prepared to call off the season before it even began […] [Read More]

Driving Market Share

When marketers look at how to drive business or volume to their business, they often look at two different paths.  The first is to get someone to switch their purchases  from a competitor.  The second is to create a new customer or consumer.  When one looks at how those two intersect, you create four different […] [Read More]

Don’t be Tone Deaf

There is no doubt that with the advent of social networking sites, blogging, e-mail, and the ease and speed with which companies and executives can communicate with customers, suppliers, and employees the chances for stubbing one’s toe by making a communication mistake increases tremendously.  Making this even more precarious is the politically correct environment that […] [Read More]

Who is Driving The Bus?

In the best-selling business book, Good to Great, by Jim Collins – a key phrase and concept that is introduced and reinforced is the importance of management remaining in control and having the right person with the appropriate skills steering the bus (directing the future of the business). While the visual of a bus careening […] [Read More]

Not All Advice Should Be Followed

One of the outcomes of enhanced bandwidth, negligable costs of setting up websites and blogs, and proliferation of online media sites hungering for content is that it is real easy for nearly anyone to post their ideas online for people to read.  For the most part, experts tend to use online outlets responsibly and to […] [Read More]

Diagnose, then Prescribe

Ask any salesperson or business owner about the importance of having an elevator speech (those 30 second or 1 minute descriptors of what someone does for a living capable of being delivered while one is sharing an elevator ride from the lobby up to the destination floor) and you will get nearly universal agreement about […] [Read More]

Don’t Delete This!

Everyworkday morning there is a business ritual that occurs in every office.  For some, it happens even before the first cup of coffee has been consumed.  It is the official start of the day for many – the checking of emails.  Unfortunately for many of the senders of the emails, it is quickly followed by […] [Read More]

A Sale Deconstructed

Every business requires it.  It is the oxygen that feeds the organization’s soul.  We are talking about sales.  A company without sales is a company that is destined to fail.  No customers equals no business.  The cause and effect is really that direct and simple.  And yet, nearly every company is focused on how to improve […] [Read More]
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You Lost Me at Hello

This past week had my son and me criss-crossing the Northeast looking at various colleges in preparation for the application process in the early Fall.  The way the schools approached the wooing of students to their campusto enroll had many parallels to business and pointed out many of the current issues confronted by both educational institutions and for-profit […] [Read More]