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David Zahn

Don’t Delete This!

Everyworkday morning there is a business ritual that occurs in every office.  For some, it happens even before the first cup of coffee has been consumed.  It is the official start of the day for many – the checking of emails.  Unfortunately for many of the senders of the emails, it is quickly followed by […] [Read More]

A Sale Deconstructed

Every business requires it.  It is the oxygen that feeds the organization’s soul.  We are talking about sales.  A company without sales is a company that is destined to fail.  No customers equals no business.  The cause and effect is really that direct and simple.  And yet, nearly every company is focused on how to improve […] [Read More]
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You Lost Me at Hello

This past week had my son and me criss-crossing the Northeast looking at various colleges in preparation for the application process in the early Fall.  The way the schools approached the wooing of students to their campusto enroll had many parallels to business and pointed out many of the current issues confronted by both educational institutions and for-profit […] [Read More]

Is it all about Profit?

Ask nearly any business owner what is used to identify corporate success and the answer will be profit.  Afterall, the business is referred to as a “for profit” business as opposed to anon-profit or charity.  Could there be a different answer? The Goal It is assumed that if one is going to start or participate in […] [Read More]

A Lost Customer

Connecticut has much to preen about with a beautiful shoreline, rolling verdant hills, and the state’s pride and joy – UConn sports. One thing that is not particularly strong in the state is the differentiation between grocers. If one were blindfolded and could not remove it until they were in aisle 5 of nearly any […] [Read More]

Failure Happens – Now What?

The statistics are sobering.  Start-ups have a high failure rate.  According to an article written in Harvard Business Review ( that addressed failures of start-up businesses, failure occurs between 30 and 40% of the time if it is defined as losing all assets and 90-95% of the time if defined as not receiving the expected ROI  […] [Read More]

It Isn’t that Complicated

When asked to choose between detail and complexity versus simplicity and clarity, most of us choose the route of the simple.  Perhaps it is our short attention spans, our sense of being time-impoverished, or our feeling of being overwhelmed by the increasing number of tasks or commitments we all juggle in the span of teh […] [Read More]

Resilience is a Group Exercise

Every business owner has heard the mantra that there is nothing constant but change itself.  A quick review of the last two decades points out one very salient example; in the 1990′s, books were sold in Mass Merchandising stores (Kmart, Wal-mart, and others).  That entire department of products then became the domain of book retailers […] [Read More]

Civility Counts

Of late, there has been much spoken and written about the shrill and antagonistic tone taken by politicians and the media in an effort to have their message heard and rise above the din of other noise and static inundating voters, viewers, subcribers, etc. Unfortunately, the typical “Man in the Street” has been so turned […] [Read More]

When You Make A Mistake

It is bound to happen at some point. Stay in business long enough and there is no way around it. In spite of your best efforts, the best you can hope for is to minimize or reduce the number of times it occurs, but it will happpen. What is the “it” we are referring to? […] [Read More]