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Insurance Check-Up

The fourth quarter of the year is typically focused on preparing for the holiday rush in retail, ending the year on a strong note for deliveries before the end of the year to count in this year’s revenue target, and starting to think about new initiatives for the new year.  In that frenzy of action […] [Read More]

Silver Ribbon Helps Those Without Silver Spoons

As shoppers and consumers, we often default to a belief that business owners are motivated by a single outcome – and that is profit. We assume that the reason business people get out of bed in the morning is to make profit, sales, and generate revenue. In fact, most business executives are motivated at least […] [Read More]

Loyalty and MAGIC

It seems that nearly every conversation that transpires between manufacturers (brands) and retailers includes some acknowledgement of the need to build customer loyalty. The manufacturer wants to build shopper loyalty to their brands and portfolio. The retailer wants to do what it can to ensure that the shopper chooses their stores and banners over other […] [Read More]

Cap at Your Own Peril

Given that we are entering the fourth quarter of the year for those companies that work on a calendar year basis, now is the time when some clients contact me to talk about redesigning their sales compensation systems. One of the key decisions management of businesses confront is how to best balance the following: motivating […] [Read More]

Community Connection Counts for Collision Specialists

As a viewer of Connecticut local television, you may have come across a very powerful commercial discussing the perils of texting and driving.  What makes this “public service announcement” seeming commerical all the more impressive is that it was created by North Haven Auto Body (a collision repair shop).  The commercial does not show the […] [Read More]

Win-Win is Often Wrong Wrong

Talk to business executives and sales people across every industry and you will hear them sum up their approach to account management, sales, and negotiation as being focused on “win-win” outcomes. Now, if that is not a familiar phrase to you, it refers to the two companies or representatives (seller and buyer) pursuing an outcome […] [Read More]

Is Stevie Wonder Your Business Mentor?

When most people think of Stevie Wonder, they think of his amazing talent musically. However, very few of us think of Stevie Wonder as a person to turn to for business advice. While Stevie Wonder may not be thought of in the same class of advice-givers as, Peter Drucker, Jack Welch, or W Edwards Deming; […] [Read More]

Go Ahead, Wear White!

All of our lives it seems that people have been telling us what we should and should not do, what is correct and what is not, and how to do things and how not to do things. Sometimes, this list of unwritten rules and codes is referred to as, “conventional wisdom.” If it is ever […] [Read More]