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Who Would Have Thunk It?

Just a decade ago, we thought we were fairly progressive and self-congratulatory about our technology, position in the global economy, and strength of our educational system. Now, ten years later, and

Cost vs. Investment

By virtue of being a consultant to business, I am often put into a category by existing clients, prospects, and business associates that I would rather not be a part of – annoyance. While I fervently

Nemo’s Reminder

The last few days have been spent shoveling, plowing, scraping, sanding, and generally trying to undo the damage and inconvenience that a blizzard can cause. It likely is not top of mind for most of

Training’s Tension

For any business to succeed, employees must remain current on industry trends, new products, customer wants and needs, technological advances, internal policy changes, etc. In fact, nearly every

Innovation’s Foundation

At the core of every business’s strategy is uncovering the best ways to meet and anticipate their customer or shopper jobs or capabilities and integrate their products and services into that future

Fear is not Your Friend

Since our earliest days walking the earth, the human condition is such that we all have an innate response to a situation we deem to be fearful. In years gone by; that might have meant the difference

Planning, Failing, and Failing to Plan

Of all the businessĀ truisms that one will encounter, none is perhaps more likely to resonate with executives, strategic planners, consultants, andĀ managers than failing to plan is the equivalent of
Does the shopper, manufacturer, or retailer have the responsibility for outcomes?

Is Business Culpable for Sandy Hook?

In the tremendous sadness, shock, outrage, and political positioning that is occurring around the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, there is the search for explanation as to how it could have

Lessons from the Bench

When the mail brought a notice alerting me that I was chosen to show up to the courthouse and possibly participate in a jury, I did what many have done – tried to think of ways to get out of it.

Avoiding Bad Apple Employees

Businesses are fond of claiming that employees are their best assets or biggest competitive advantage over other companies in the market. Yet, when it comes to properly practicing “due diligence” with