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Avoiding Confusion – HONESTLY?

A recent brouhaha has erupted between a company the actress, Jessica Alba, is affiliated with that sells eco-friendly products for toddlers and a company built on somewhat humorous Twitter posts written as if from the thoughts of a toddler.  The company Ms. Alba is a part of, The Honest Company, has decided to sue the much […] [Read More]

Is Your Business Boiling Frogs?

Most of us have heard (if not tested) of the phenomena of placing frogs into a pot of water and slowly turning up the heat. Unlike placing the frog into boiling water when it will immediately hop out of the water; the gradual change in the water temperature does not lead to any avoidance actions.  […] [Read More]

How Should Marketing be Evaluated?

Most business functions are able to be measured and evaluated on the basis of their productivity, contribution, and direct impact on the business. For example: Sales A salesperson and sales functions in general are measured in the following ways (not exhaustive list): Sales volume sold (in total) Sales volume sold (of new products, to existing […] [Read More]

Is Training the BEST it Can Be?

Companies are constantly challenged to upgrade their business performance, respond to competitive challenges, adjust to buyer wants/needs/expectations, and do so efficiently and profitably.  The capabilities and competencies that employees had when they were hired; even those that may have been truly, “best in class” at the time, quickly become outdated and on the slope to […] [Read More]

When is Too Much Just Enough?

One of the hardest decisions an entrepreneur has to make, and especially one in a service business, is how to sell and market itself by demonstrating value – without giving away too much so that the business and their services are no longer needed.  If the business, and the entrepreneur, do such a comprehensive job […] [Read More]

Tony Soprano as Management Mentor

Last week the actor (James Gandolfini) who portrayed the iconic televion character, Tony Soprano, passed away while on vacation in Rome. In addition to the wonderful memories of dramatic moments he left behind as the Mafia Boss are some very pertinent and relevant reflections on management and leadership that were integrated into the soap opera […] [Read More]

Before it Happens to You

Overhearing a conversation between two senior executives from the same company, they both expressed surprise that the head of their sales function had just abruptly left and had emailed each of them a letter of resignation.  While I did not get to see the letter itself, as I listened to their expressions of incredulity, I […] [Read More]

No Excuse for Not Measuring Training’s Impact

Once upon a time it was assumed that training was something that was good to do, just because it made sense to do it.  You did not need to measure it or worry about whether it was strategically appropriate to do it versus other business decisions.  The idea that it needed to be financially justified […] [Read More]