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Michael Hyatt's matrix from

Growth Through Reduction

Now that the New Year is upon us, nearly all executives are focusing their efforts in creating growth opportunities, expansion of capabilities, opening new accounts, and becoming bigger in one way or
An example of structuring sales messages.

Stop Selling “Stuff”

One of the tasks I occasionally get to do as part of my consulting and coaching assignments is to observe sales people as a “fly on the wall.”  I will accompany a sales person as they meet with their
Sales people can help move the business forward - if done right!

Can You Afford NOT to Hire a Salesperson?

Generally speaking, most start-ups are staffed by an owner who does everything from production to bookkeeping through selling, and all tasks in between.  In part, that is a cost-savings move at a time
Business resolutions can be successful if approached correctly.

Business Resolutions

As the packaging and wrapping from holiday gifts are being placed at the curb for pick-up in overstuffed garbage bins, and our plans for celebrating ringing in the New Year begin to crystallize, many
What impact should ethics have on decisions?

Do Dollars Outweigh Ethics?

Are capitalists, entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives allowed to use the explanation that, “the market will determine what is right and wrong?”  Does the ability to sell a product give a
Managers as coaches.

Managers – Learn from Athletics

One of the most common analogies used by executives is sports.  So much so, that it has become a cliche with people throwing around empty phrases like, “step up to the plate” to refer to being

Black Friday, Retail and Competition

This past week and weekend saw news stories about sales, the conflict between familial holiday traditions and capitalism, and online versus “brick-and-mortar” stores.  Around the Thanksgiving tables

Perils of Sub-Contracting

One commonly used business model for small services businesses is to become a sub-contractor for a larger business.  The common reasons why the larger business may seek a sub-contractor are as

Is It Possible Lulumon’s CEO Was Right?

This past week, Chip Wilson, the CEO of athletic apparel company Lulumom seemed to have stuck his foot in his mouth twice.  That is; after he had to make  amends for a quality issue not too long ago

Just How EDGY Are You?

Every business leader, manager, entrepreneur, business owner, senior executive, board member of an organization or company, and even investors questions from time to time – what makes this entity a