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What the best global companies are doing.

Global and Growing

The Comedian, Steven Wright famously commented, “It is a small word.  But, I would hate to have to paint it.”  However, for many business owners, as they have expanded their companies to multiple
How willing are you to hire a convict?

CONfident Employees

One of the biggest pressing social issues we confront is the re-integration of former prisoners back into society.  Among the largest obstacles that population must overcome is successfully seeking
Austin McChord, CEO of Datto, will be speaking Jily 21st at Startup Grind Greenwich.

Corporate Culture Capabilities

Many entrepreneurs, graduate students, and dreamers are pining away in search of the “next big thing” that will revolutionize the world of business.  While nearly all of them will fail in that

Is Heart or Head More Important?

If two business people ever find themselves together at a social gathering, it won’t take long before the conversation turns to whether to select for attitude in new hires or defer to a prospective
Be sure that your data is protected.

Data Sprawl and your Business

One of the best innovations of recent time is the ability to untether from large desktop computers that force the employee to work in a single location.  Whether it is through a laptop, a tablet, or
Choosing where to locate  the business is a critical decision.

Location, Location, Location

As an entrepreneur and business owner, a key decision to the success of the company is where to place the business.  While the internet is becoming a key distribution channel for many enterprises, the
Striving to improve customer service will lead to higher pricing capability.

The Relationship Between Customer Service and Pricing

The default assumption or business practice for many technology or business service companies and executives is that determining pricing for products and/or services is the domain of marketing.
Trust overcomes the hidden agenda a member may have.

Business Opportunity Limiter: Trust

Business professionals pride themselves on being able to quickly and accurately assess opportunities and creatively determine appropriate solutions to address or leverage those opportunities.  They