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Employee development is critically important.

Employee Development Follies

One sure way to get managers and employees to roll their eyes and all but wish for a short-term illness is to announce that they are to attend or participate in a company-sponsored training session. 
Is this organizational struture right for your company?

Inverted or Perverted Organization

There has been a movement that has overtaken many businesses that attempts to re-imagine how to effectively create an organizational culture.  The traditional corporate culture was shaped like a
Deborah A Bussiere shares the secrets of harnessing the power of women in leadership.

Time to End the Good Ole Boy Network (Part II)

This is the second of a two-part series addressing the strength of having female executives either owning or in senior positions within the company.  This two-part series is presented by a guest
Deborah A Bussiere shares the secrets of harnessing the power of women in leadership.

Time to End the “Good Ole’ Boy Network”

Upon occasion, I like to turn this column over to industry thought leaders and allow them the opportunity to directly address issues of pressing importance to the business community from their
Small business success demands being innovative.

Enacting Innovation

As we are beginning to enter the time when political candidates start positioning themselves for runs at the Presidency, the topic of small business policies and the impact small business has on the
Do your customers see you as you see yourself?

Does your Business Suffer From Mistaken Identity?

Whenever law enforcement attempt to identify a suspect, they are quite aware that eyewitness accounts can be notoriously inaccurate as to details, descriptions, and order of events.  Similarly,
Interviews may not always effectively identify successful employees.

But She Was So Good In The Interview

It has happened to many executives, business owners, managers, and supervisors who have had the responsibility and experience of hiring employees.  With the best of intentions and due diligence, a
Do your eyes glaze over when you think of Accounting?

At Tax Time: How Healthy is Your Business?

As business owners scramble to get their personal taxes completed before the deadline, it may be a good time to think about just how well their business is performing financially.  However, for some