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Sell like a DJ, not a jukebox

Are You a DJ or a Jukebox?

One of the biggest frustrations a sales executive has is ensuring that the sales force is maximizing their opportunities when they are in front of prospects.  It is expensive and time-consuming to
Is the NLRB's ruling an over-reach on franchise agreements?

Just How Independent are Franchises?

One of the consistencies that shoppers and consumers count on regardless of where they may choose to make a purchase is the expected performance of a franchise retailer.  Almost without exception, a
Think before sending.

Email Marketing Mistakes

When children are first learning to ride a bicycle, parents are diligent about mandating that their kids wear helmets and in some instances, pads and guards to protect body parts in the event of a
Consider quitting periodically to assess your career.

Congratulations – You Quit!

Recently, I have been working with some larger clients and talking with potential clients about various business opportunities where I believe I can offer training or consulting services.  While the
Financial management is crucial to the success of any business.

Mistakes Entrepreneurs Unknowingly Commit

When corporate employees dream of being in their own business, they rarely envision the struggles that often accompany the financial management side of launching a business.  They will often default
Conflict is not bad when focused on improvement.

Are We In Conflict Over Conflict?

There is a constant wave of “How-To” books, webinars, articles, and presentations being marketed to executives and managers that would have them believe that it is good business practice to do
Christensen's five (5) steps to innovation shed light.

Can Innovation be Institutionalized?

There have been a few recent developments in the business environment surrounding the concept of innovation that may seem disconnected – but actually point out something worth seeing as related.  The