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Reviewing resumes to match job requirements is a science.

What Employers Should Know About Resumes

Because this is such a compelling topic, this article is longer than typically published in order to ensure comprehensive coverage of the topic without having to make a decision to break it into two
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Does your business do what it needs to do to attract love?

Online Dating Hints for Business

This past weekend, I was approached by a close friend who knows I often help companies improve their marketing and sales efforts.  Only, this friend was not reaching out to me to directly improve
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Being vulnerable and sharing stories is a sign of strength.

Is it a Strength to Show Weakness?

There is a wholesale movement occurring in business currently.  What once was accepted as conventional wisdom is being challenged and held in contempt by contemporary thought-leaders.  The practices
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Hope is an addicting drug if there is no behavior change.

Don’t be Addicted to Hope-ium in 2015

As the holiday cards are being taken down from the mantle, trees have been put out to the curb, lights have been boxed and put back in the attic, many business owners are ready to turn their attention
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Taking out the garbage as a management lesson.

What is Your Management Style?

With the holidays behind us, and the New Year right around the corner, businesses are planning and plotting their staffing needs for 2015.  Part of the mystery and challenge of choosing from job
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Are Auto Dealers on Auto-Pilot?

This past weekend included accompanying a friend looking to replace a car pretty immediately.  My friend was looking to make a decision quickly and was very much in “buy mode” versus just “shopping
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If you only look backward, you can expect trouble.

That Was Then…

This is the time of the year when business executives, customers/consumers, and so-called experts engage in two activities; reflecting on the year that was, and forecasting the year that will be.  Of
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You Can Trust Me On This

One of the biggest challenges to companies with sales forces that have traditionally been tasked with prospecting to find and identify customers, account/customer management responsibilities,
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