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Is there is room for two divergent approaches?

Do We Work for the Same Company?

I have had experiences with two different companies lately that both had struggles with the same issue – agreeing on standards.  Coincidentally, both companies were what would be considered larger
Should you see a jerk when you look in the mirror?

Is the Prospect Who Does Not Buy a Jerk?

In 1988 I was part of a company that was growing exponentially and had products that were far superior to what competitors could offer.  This company held patents in specific technologies that far
Orientation lessons from your Dentist.

Is Your Orientation Doing the Job?

Inspiration is a funny thing.  You can search for it purposefully and be unable to find it.  And then, there are times where life’s circumstances seem to conspire to give you the opportunity to
How well can you see the future?

Does Your Organization Lack a Mirror

  One company that I have become very familiar with wanted to embark on changing their approach to sales process, sales skills, and the tools used to achieve sales success.  Their product line is

Value-Based Selling IS Personal

The Sales and Marketing Magazine ( recently provided to their members and subscribers a series of free white paper downloads.  One of the white papers available was written

Get the Picture

Every now and again, inspiration occurs from unlikely sources.  One such occasion happened recently while reading a book on morality and ethics that referenced how human behavior, and ethical

March Madness Every Day

The past few days have seen many people mesmerized by the NCAA basketball tournament games.  There have been more games than ever in the first round that went into overtime before a winner was

What Hollywood Can Teach Business

  The Oscars have been handed out and people are talking about whether they agree or disagree with the awarding of the Academy Awards.  Some prospective movie-viewers are busy filling out their