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March Madness Every Day

The past few days have seen many people mesmerized by the NCAA basketball tournament games.  There have been more games than ever in the first round that went into overtime before a winner was
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What Hollywood Can Teach Business

  The Oscars have been handed out and people are talking about whether they agree or disagree with the awarding of the Academy Awards.  Some prospective movie-viewers are busy filling out their
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Website Woes – About Us

When people visit a website one of the first places to be accessed will be the section that addresses “About Us” or provides some context and background on the company and the major participants of
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Should Sales Be Taught to Students?

Our education system is seemingly under attack from many fronts.  Some claim that there is too much emphasis on testing and meeting federal, state, or local requirements (No Child Left Behind, Core
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Locks and Alarms Does NOT Mean Business is Secure

There was a time when a business was considered secure if they locked their doors and windows, had an alarm system installed, ensured that the perimeter was well-lit, and if needed; hired guards to
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Is ROI the True Determinant of Success?

ATwo different consulting experiences recently from different parts of the world reinforced a very important lesson that questioned conventional business wisdom.  In one experience, I was invited
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Stress impacts both the employee and the employer.

Is Your EAP A-OK?

If a business owner or senior executive were to be awakened at 3am and asked, “what is the most important asset in your company?”  Or, if they were forced to respond to what differentiates their
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Focusing on customer service makes sense according to author, Peter Shankman.

Is Customer Service Dying?

One of the more commonly uttered beliefs among business executives is that it is easier to keep an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one.  Therefore, one would expect there to be emphasis
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