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Artist Spotlight: Heidi Lewis Coleman

Heidi Lewis Coleman is an abstract artist whose work reflects an ongoing exploration into the aesthetics of using language in art.  While most conceptual artists incorporate text into their work as a means of analyzing popular culture or for making political and social commentary, Coleman’s work focuses on developing text as a visual design element.  Coleman creates mixed media pieces using acrylic paint and cut or shredded paper on canvas. Her work incorporates an abstract writing which is an invented, rhythmic language that flows automatically from her hand.


Daphnaie Assemblage 5.36x36.Mixed Media Assemblage on Canvas

Heidi Lewis Coleman
Daphnaie Assemblage 5
Mixed Media Assemblage on Canvas
36 x 36 inches

“For me, the abstract languages that I create have an ancient, almost mystical quality. I believe that because my artwork communicates in the abstract, individual viewers are not forced to translate it specifically, allowing them to “feel” the energy of each piece and to take away their own unique messages on a subconscious level.” Said Heidi

She creates mixed media pieces and steel sculptures which incorporate her own automatic, abstract writing. Originally, her invented languages were painted on paper, cut out and then applied to a painted canvas. As the work has evolved, She has continued to develop new characters by deconstructing and reconstructing her original text on a computer, creating languages which are visually richer and more complex. More recently, she has extended this process by incorporating “Mandalas” into her art, circular forms which were originally used by the Hindus and Buddhists as focal points for meditation.


Stargate Mandala Gold.24x24.Mixed Media Assemblage on Canvas

Heidi Lewis Coleman
Stargate Mandala Gold
Mixed Media Assemblage on Canvas
24 x 24 inches


“The process of creating feels like meditation for me.  When I’m working on a piece, I have a strong sense of inner peace and contentment.” Said Heidi

She is particularly inspired by Asian art and has studied the intricate calligraphy used to decorate ancient scrolls and screens. The columns of simple, yet elegant characters may express specific meanings, but a viewer is not required to understand that meaning in order to appreciate the grace and integrity of the artwork.

She has been a SAA member Since 1998. Heidi shares that the SAA has given her many wonderful opportunities, including her participation in the ART AND SOUL OF STAMFORD exhibit and the STAMFORD’S ART TREASURES exhibit, where she was given an award by then-mayor Dannel P. Malloy for my contribution to the Arts in Stamford.


Catheña 2.30x30.Mixed Media Assemblage on Canvas

Heidi Lewis Coleman
Catheña 2
Mixed Media Assemblage on Canvas
30 x 30 inches


Heidi have exhibited here work at ARC Gallery, Chicago IL,  Carriage Barn Art Center, New Canaan, CT, Bruce Museum, Greenwich, CT, The Drawing Room Gallery, Cos Cob, CT, SAA Townhouse Gallery, Stamford, CT, RGA Gallery, Ridgefield, CT, Seton Gallery, University of New Haven, West Haven, CT, Reynolds Fine Art, New Haven, CT, Housatonic Museum of Art, Bridgeport, CT,  Stamford Old Town Hall Museum, Stamford, CT, Picture That, LLC and Lina Morielli, Artist & Arts Advocate, Stamford, CT, Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT, Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury, CT, Silvermine Guild Arts Center, New Canaan, CT, Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase, NY, Gallery Chocopologie, South Norwalk, CT,  Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA, Allied Arts Center Gallery, Yakima, Washington, Greenwich Gallery, Greenwich, CT, UCONN/Stamford Art Gallery, Stamford, Connecticut, Eleanor Bliss Center for the Arts, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah, NY, Atelier Gallery, Sarasota, FL.


Heidi advice to emerging artists is to get involved with local artist associations, like SAA.  You will be given many opportunities to exhibit your work, volunteer in a meaningful way, and get to know other artists who live and work near you.

You can see more of her work here